Bahr El Eid

Revival of the Bahr El Eid public playground

Goal: $220,000

Raised: $175,000


Bahr El Eid
Project Brief

Bahr El Eid is one of the oldest public playgrounds in the historic district of Saida. Prior to the Israeli bombardment of the historic district in 1982 and the development of the coastal highway in 1996, this playground extended to the sandy beaches across from the historic district, which is where it gets its name. Bahr El Eid still resonates in the memories of the Sidonians, especially the older generations, as a gathering and celebratory space symbolizing playfulness, simplicity, and the city’s strong relationship to the sea. Traditionally, the playground including its rides, swings, and candy vendors is only set up twice a year, during the Fitr and Adha celebrations.

Created by Di-Lab

The scope of the project includes the design of a permanent installation on the 800m2 rectangular site (that is currently being used as a parking) and a masterplan for the overall area of approximately 3500m2 surrounding the installation including public spaces, roads, and facades.

The goal is to create a permanent Bahr El Eid playground that would function as the anchor point of its traditional bi-yearly extensions. This intervention would complement the qualitative investments in the socio-economic and touristic sectors on Saida’s waterfront, and would reactivate one of the city’s oldest and most memorable public spaces, hosting learn and play activities in a safe and desirable environment and promoting social cohesion and interaction between different social groups from the historic district specifically and the city as a whole.

The project was designed in Summer 2017 and the advisers are instructors Karim Najjar, Ahmad Nouraldeen and Balsam Madi. Students that participated in designing this project are: Mohammad Nazar, Nella Abi Khalil, Sari Kantari, Nirvana Kobeissi, Leen Nadar, Jad Najm, Danielle Raffoul, Maha Sabalbal, Meriam Soltan and Aya Nadera Zantout. External consultants Dana Ali (Landscape Architect) and Anwar Antoun (Structural Engineer) also participated in the development of the design.

Created by Di-Lab

Created by Di-Lab


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The initiative is founded on a collaboration between Saida Observatory for Social Impact (SOSI), the American University of Beirut’s Architecture and Design Department, UN Habitat and Alfa